Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7 "Reach Out And Touch" 10" x 8" by Laine

Day 7 ...One week done and only three to go!  I took the photo I used for this painting last fall.  Maybe it's my age, I find myself fascinated with clouds like I don't remember in my first youth. :-)  
As many times as I've painted them, I still struggle painting clouds as I see them.  The truth is these appeared to have much more yellow.  I wasn't pleased with my painting with the vivid yellow I thought I saw.  I plan to paint clouds a few more times this month because I want to improve my ability to show the awesomeness I see when I often pull onto the side of the road and pull out my camera. Did I say camera?  I meant I pull out my PHONE,  Now that really dated me!  ouch!
This afternoon once again I am awestruck that we have been gifted with the ability of not only seeing colors but to be able to create something that we can share with others. I like to think we are co-creating with God.  How generous of Him.

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