Friday, May 4, 2012

"Glad To Be Me" 30 x 30" canvas $400

I've long loved New Orleans colors in art.  though it's been about a year since I painted with them.  This week the muses called and this is the second one I've painted.  The first is not ready for your eyes yet~!   Would love your input.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Rooster With Attitude" 20" x 16" canvas $150

I rarely see a rooster without remembering a story told to me about a rooster, Aunt Lillian and my brother Mark.  Aunt Lillian had a rooster that was only too happy to demonstrate his ownership of the yard anytime he caught someone in his path.  One morning it was "young Mark"s" misfortune to get too near him. That rooster must have really been a "chicken" picking on a little guy~!  Mark loves to tell the story that when they sat down to dinner that night and he asked what they were having my Aunt Lillian grinned "we're having rooster.... ain't no rooster gonna hurt one of my kids".   Justice of a true pioneer woman~!