Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's 2am and all I can do is think about all I want to paint.  My "sister" Crystal and I went to Ty Alexander's yesterday.  What ?????  you  don't know about Ty's?????  It is the most amazing Christmas shop I've ever seen.  It's known for lots of awesome accessories year round, but at this time of year the whole place becomes Santa's playground.  It's located in Lawrenceburg about a half hour out of Columbia.  Crystal picked up a tree that is upside down...I know~!  sounds crazy ...  and it is....but in a real unique sort of way that takes your breath.  It's huge at the top and small at the bottom.  I'll post photos when she gets it up in about a month. 
On the way home she saw an old french mirror tossed on the side of the road.  The mirror was broken but it has an awesome frame that I'm gonna' make into a sign for my art studio.  I want to see......  give me a minute to get it painted.  Oh I almost forgot the best part....Fried Green Tomatoes at Mt Pleasant Bar and Grill~!  Yum yum yum....  another "sister" Pat and I ate there a couple of weeks ago on the way home from the same shop.  What would a woman do without her "sisters" and Fried Green Tomatoes?...and I'm not talkin' about the movie...which I also love.
Have to get at least a little sleep since Mona is coming early in the morning.  We're planning to paint a companion for the woman with the umbrella.  We want to see a man with an umbrella holding roses.  If it turns out ok....I'll let you see.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Santa's GOOD List~!

This was way too much fun~!  I can't believe I got it ready BEFORE the week of Christmas.  I'm going to have prints available so you can write your own children's name on his "Good List".  Rodney (my oldest son) asked me not to let his girls get it before we make the list.  He's sure they won't put him on it.  Not to worry Rodney~~~~ You'll always be on my Good List~! 
Santa just got better...I had his left hand too large...much better.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hidden Places 8"x10" canvas

Shelton and I found this awesome spot while searching for a detour around a bridge that is still out from the flood we had this spring.  Somehow we ended up on a gravel/dirt road along a creek bed.  All of a sudden he slammed on the brakes so we could get out to see this awesome waterfall right by the road.  My sister Kay and I returned to it yesterday with our paints in tow.  WOW~!  it was even more awesome than I remembered~!  When we got there we had so little time before dark so we started painting as fast as we could.  I picked a spot where the waterfall was below and painted more of a landscape showing the leaves floating down the stream.  We plan to return and the next time I'd love to paint a close up of the waterfall.  A man in an art class told me once that he took a class where they had only an hour and a half to get on canvas what they saw.  It's about making a decision and going with it instead of being so concerned with every little detail.  It teaches you to make a decision and run with it. We did just that and both of us loved our results.  We were like two little girls running back and forth from each others paintings to say either "great" or I think it needs ".........."  whatever it needed.  It most always helps to have a second pair of eyes because it's easy to get caught up in what you think you're seeing and miss the composition of the painting.  Thanks Kay for making a wonderful day~!  I loved every minute.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red Church

After painting outside with my sister Kay on Saturday....I was bit by "the bug" of plein air painting, soooo my neighbor Susan and I packed our paints as soon as we could on Sunday afternoon and headed to an old church close to where we live.  She painted hers in rust colors and mine are in reds. Just like me to be thinking of Christmas already. This is the perfect time of year to give painting outside a go~!  And then if you love it as much as I have this weekend.. ya might want to get someone else to clean the house~!...what house?????

His Colors

My sister Kay and I painted plein air at Radnor Lake last Saturday.   When I got home Shelton asked if the park was really that colorful.  I was glad I had a photo to prove it.  It was amazing~!  I may have found a new love in painting.....outside~!  It looked like God had taken giant puckets of paint and splashed them perfectly.  Amazing ...His sense of color. This is my attempt to capture the moment of the reflection along the lake.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Me And My Shadow 16"x20" canvas

This spring my brother Carl capured his little grand daughter Hope in an awesome moment as she was amazed by her shadow.  This precious little angel visited me a few short weeks this summer and I fell in love.  Her moment just had to be painted.  I love you Hope,  Aunt Laine
I've decided I should never post a painting until I live with it a couple of weeks.  I finally noticed my little Hope looked like she had two left feet...sorry baby.  I also knew something wasn't right with her jowl line so I took it to an artist friend (Darlene Shadden) who helped me see that even though I had it proportioned liked the photo, for painting you have to realize that sometimes photos lie about the diminisions.  They often leave the person looking flat when painting.  Thanks Darlene, I love this so much more now.  I've left both for you to see the difference.

Ready To Play 16"x20" Canvas

I painted this for a class in the middle of November.  I have collected snow men for years and can never seem to get enough~!  He ALMOST makes me ready for snow...I said "almost".    His red and green hat and scarf are much brighter than my photo shows.