Saturday, February 26, 2011

Three Blooms 20" x 10" on board $95. Unframed it looks wonderful sitting on an easel.

This was so much fun to paint.  Again, I think you can tell I'm ready for spring to do what it does best....bloom~!  I used a fabulous blue violet back ground with lime hudrangeas.  When I photograped it I was surprised to see it showing both a deep blue as well as the violet I painted.  I'm posting both because I love both colors.  The violet is the only one I've actually painted.  This is much like the colors I love in my garden.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Green Hydrangeas18" x 24"

My lil' sisters Kay and Mona and Susan and myself spent the day painting together.  After we set up inside we realized it would have been an awesome day for painting out doors.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Together Forever 16x20" Canvas $95

The tropical effect is still showing through my paintings.  I loved the feelings of peace brought on by the gulls sailing on the wind out my window.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Birds Eye View 11" x 14" $95

 I painted another day from the balcony of our room.  We were about 80 ft. above the water, thus giving me a literal birds eye view.  Today it's snowing here, this painting reminds me of the warm sun on my face.  Come on Spring~!

Bahama Waters 8" x 10" $95

I painted this from the ships balcony.  I want to go back just to be able to paint those amazing colors.  I held the painting up to the water when I had completed sure I had painted the wrong colors.  They were right on.  I don't understand how they can be so clear and beautiful unlike our muddy little creeks here....which I also love equally.

Laine's Riverside Art: Spring has to be coming 16" x 20" oil

Laine's Riverside Art: Spring has to be coming 16" x 20" oil: "Yesterday my lil' sister Kay and I painted all afternoon much to Shelton's amazement. He couldn't understand why anyone would miss th..."

Carnival Glass with Hydrangeas 16" x 20" oil $400. framed

Yesterday my lil' sister Kay and I painted all afternoon much to Shelton's amazement.  He couldn't understand why anyone would miss the Super Bowl.  Thank God for Kay and her availability to paint with me.  She saved me from football fate.  We found some dried flowers still on the stems in my back yard and decided to use them as our latest subject.  You'll see her influence.  (remember she's the one born with the painting talent...I just try hard to keep up.)  Hope you like it.  By the way, Shelton wasn't the only one with foot ball fever.  About 6pm we decided to go for some Mexican food only to find it was closed guessed it...for the Super Bowl.  We hit one more deserted restaurant before ending up at Applebees.  We saved the best for last and had a great meal.  Kay MADE me share a blonde brownie with extra ice cream melting on it before she'd let me go home`!