Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Remember When" 12" x 12"

This week I have been remembering how it used to snow here.  It could be my memories as a child in West Virginia that I'm confusing with being here in Tennessee.  I decided to paint my own home as if it happened yesterday.  Do you think anyone would believe me if I had posted this as being snow in Columbia?  Not lately~!  I do love the snow but only if I don't have to go to work on those days.  What I love is the memories of my sons and their friends coming in for a bowl of chili, warming themselves around the fire while their clothes, wet from snow, were in the dryer getting ready for round two of a neighborhood snowball fight or racing down the hill on their sleds.  aaaahhhhhh ... good memories
If you'd like to have a painting of your home with your own memories; I'd love to paint it for you.  A custom painting would make a great Christmas card or gift.  I can paint it and have cards designed using the painting as the front cover customizing the words inside. Contact me for more info.

I knew when I painted this I made the sidewalk more narrow at the bottom (the closest to me) of the painting.  I knew that went against everything correct in the world of painting guidelines.  I still thought I preferred it this way to bring more focus on the house.  Well, I decided I was wrong after living with it a couple of days. So I made the sidewalk a bit wider in appearance as it gets closer to the viewer.  I guess the old masters as well as new masters actually did know what they were talking about.  ;-)  Here is the newest and finished painting with it's corrected sidewalk.

This is the photo taken yesterday
The leaves all blew away~!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Angel 12" x 36" on 1 & 1/2" gallery wrapped canvas $ 295

This heavily textured angel would look great on a narrow wall or over/behind a lamp.
This one like so many is hard to part with.
And yet I love when they go to a good home.
It is always my hope that you too will be reminded of God's covering of our families.
I've lost count how many have been placed in good homes in my series I call:
"I've Got You Covered"
Please contact me if you wish to hang her in your home or give as a gift.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Painting in Montgomery Bell State Park with the very best from the court houses of Tennessee

Today I got to spend the afternoon with Crystal Green from Pulaski, TN and several of her court house friends at this beautiful park painting our hearts out~!  These women come from all over Tennessee once a year for a conference.  Last year Crystal invited me to come paint with the women while the men went golfing.  They decided to repeat the party again this afternoon.  Often you hear me comment on how surprised I am when first time painters are so creative.  This group did just that~!  They surprised me~!  And they were so much fun.  Everything from Symphony Brownies to an amazing new Barefoot Wine.  They even wore a fabulous tee shirt they had designed themselves that I meant to get a photo of but somehow forgot.  
Here is a photo of what our view was while painting. I KNOW~!  who couldn't paint looking out this window~? Anybody else want to paint in our beautiful state park?

And here is their fabulous work~!