Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hidden Spring 11"x14" on canvas $125.

I wish I could say I've been here....and I have....but only in my mind.

Mad Hen 11"x14" on canvas $75.

This one is for my grand daughters Tina and Tori~!  Just think how mad your chickens get when the dogs dare to even look their way.

Welcome Back 16"x20" on canvas $300 framed.

Last week while riding in my car,  the song "You Are My Oxygen" by Avalon came on.  I found myself singing like I haven't in a very long time.  I heard a voice whisper "Welcome back".  I painted this angel this weekend representing the welcoming of God for me.

Another Time 16"x20" canvas

Recently Shelton and I were driving through the countryside in search of the perfect tomatoes.  We happened upon rows of neatly stacked corn stalks.  I was taken by the neatness and beauty created from such  tedious labor.  It showed me that we can create a thing of beauty no matter how mundane the task.  And still I cut the giant stalks of cannas that threaten to take over my yard and "toss" them toward the compost pile.  Maybe each of us enjoys our own method of creativity.

Mountain Top 8"x10" canvas $150.

This past weekend Shelton and I went to my sister friend Crystals' condo overlooking the mountains.  I painted this of the view from the dining room window. I think life isn't about finding's about creating what's already been placed in us.... allowing that creativity to surface.  For me there are few things that are as inspiring to be creative than to be all alone with my man and my God in the mountains with a paint brush in my hand.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flowers can't read

I played around with painting a mum and a tulip on some pages torn out of an old dictionary.  I know....not suppossed to tear pages out of a book ...but come on....really now....when was the last time you looked up a word on anything other than your computer?   That's what I thought.  I used to dry flowers in the pages of an old book.  When I looked at this photo it reminded me of how wonderfull it was to find a surprise I'd forgotten from the previous summer.

Lost in the music

I'm preparing to teach classes at an art shop near my home.  The owner asked if I would do a musical here goes.  It was so much fun~!