Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sold. "My Three Angels" 16" x 8" on artist board. $95 each or the group is $275

Today I've finished 3 small paintings as a proto of a larger painting I need to have complete by Friday.  The final will be on 3 panels  of aprox. 70" tall by 20" wide.  It's an antique padded canvas screen I found about a year ago in the basement of an antique shop.  I had to beg the owner to sell it to me.  Can't wait to work on it now that I have this part finished and love it.  I call it "My Three Angels".  I'd love to paint these for you and put names or initials of your favorite angels on the necklaces.  They could also be hinged together to use on a table under a lamp. 

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