Friday, January 20, 2012

Paintings not coming through.......yet

Do you ever have a week when it seems like everything you paint is just not quite like you thought it would turn out? This has been one of those weeks. I have several that I plan to work on improving tomorrow. If they step up I'll post them later. I have to tell myself what I tell students all the time. It's a process of improving. It's not really wasted time if you learn something. I also did a copy of an artist whose use of colors I love. It is probably the best work I did this week. His name is Elio Camacho. I had planned to take a workshop from him next month until I learned yesterday that he is conducting it inside instead of en plein air. I just can't imagine traveling to Tampa, Florida in the middle of winter and remaining inside~! I decided to wait and watch for his outdoor workshops. And no...I'm not posting that painting as it really is a copy of his work. I prefer to paint original inspirations which is what I hope you aspire to as you are learning to paint. Well it's after 9pm and I hear a really good book calling my name. Good night all

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