Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's a new year and going to be a great one`!

It's also a new beginning for me. Most of you know that my precious husband suffered a fatal heart attack 7 months ago as he was leaving a local golf driving range. I'll always be greatful his brother he loved so much was with him. I don't know how I would have entered this new year without your prayer, love, phone calls, notes and concern...oh, did I leave out great food? definately good food`! Please forgive me if I haven't thanked each of you personally. Many weeks all I could do was soak up your love and feel so lifted by your attention to me. If you look back and see the void in my posting the last year I hope you'll understand why I couldn't. Actually, I've done very little creating in any form. Last month I heard a speaker (who was about to turn 80) say she knew that her 8th decade was going to be her best`! Well, I turned 60 about a month ago and have joined her in deciding that this will be my best decade ever~! Since making that decision a couple of weeks ago, my attitude has taken a huge up swing. I'm painting again and for the pure joy of it, not just because I have a dead line. Big difference~! I'm also creating vintage jewelry with my sista' Mona and loving that also. What I'm not doing is keeping a super clean home. Notice I didn't say I've quit worrying about a clean home.. hopefully that will come next. winky I'm also learning to say no to things and places that aren't a priority to me thanks to Karen Moran (an amazing therapist) who was a co-worker and friend to me for several years.
My Brandy (daugher in law married to my son Rodney) took me to Destin Fl the week after Shelton went to heaven. I still don't know how she got me to go up in a para-sail. It was something I've always wanted to do but was too afraid. Well move over~! I'm now ready to try lots of new things drawing the line at jumping from a plane`! woa~! nope~! not even with a shute~!
I recieved a call this weekend from An Apartment In Paris telling me the t-shirt I painted the graphics for is a huge success. WOW~! won't my sons be proud that I have a t-shirt on the market...which is all they wore as teenagers. (no...not mine with an angel painted on it~! ha) Sylvia (owner of the shop) told me that so many people are buying these to give to people who are struggling with something in their life, be it illness or life changes that are painful. You can see the shirt under my blog "I've Got You Covered" and I'll have them available shortly for you to purchase here. If you're in a hurry, you can go to Sylvia's website and she will mail you one immediately.
I also want to thank Karen Spivey who has been an angel in my life with her relentless energy for bringing art to Pulaski, TN. WOW~! Karen, your amazing~! She does this not only to bring women together and in touch with their creativity, but also to raise funds for the upgrading of the Pulaski Library. By the way, I went to a tea there last month`! If you haven't been, you absolutley need never miss one of these teas! Awesome~!

I've been so slack in scheduling classes these few months but am now back in full swing. If you're a past student watch for upcoming classes as I'll be scheduling them soon. And yes~! I am going to be doing some plein air classes again~! If you go to my site you can sign up to receive those schedules when they are available by "following" me.
Sorry for the lengthy post..I have been quiet for such a long time and I guess I'm trying to make up for it~! Love for all of you, Laine

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