Sunday, February 5, 2012

Being Creative

So many times in an art class I hear women say: "I'm just not creative".  Today I found a quote by Wolf Kahn  a well respected artist who paints mostly with pastels.  "To be creative....may mean nothing more than the refusal to be habit-ridden".
Many of you know that I am feeling drawn more and more to what I call "impressionistic abstract" work.  I was in a gallery recently when the owner related this story.  She said a gentleman was viewing an abstract painting (one that had not "moved" her).  She said he had tears in his eyes as he told her of the place the painting took his thoughts as he revisited memories.
I think this is what we as artists hope to accomplish everytime we pick up our paints.  That we can help someone re-visit a memory or a place that is special to them.  It's not all about what I see when I paint but what you see when you view what I painted.

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