Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Three Brothers" 30" x 30" Canvas

I actually have four brothers, but one lives in Charleston, SC so I rarely get to see him. The other three live here in the Nashville area. This past year I learned what towers of strength and generousity they are in my life. I've been wanting something new to go over my mantle in the living room. As I began to paint I thought of how much these three trees represent how I feel about my brothers. Strong, protective and always there when I need a shelter from my life especially this past year. I love you guys so much. Glad to be one of your sisters.
I especially love when a painting takes on a personal meaning. Slowly my home is becoming full of paintings I don't want to part could I when they've become a part of my "story". What you can't see in the photo is how much texture is on this canvas.....much like my life~

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amy freese said...

I love it!! Every one of your paintings becomes my new favorite!!