Sunday, April 29, 2012

Raising a Barn one stroke at a time 20" x 16" canvas

I decided to post these three photos to show those of you who paint with me what  difference composition makes.  If you notice the first photo looks like the painting is sliding off to the left (my sister Kay's favorite way of putting it). It also has a dark line intended to be trees cutting it in half. The next one looks like the roof is poking up through the sky.  Finally when I put the hillside up over the roof line it brought the focus to the barn which was my intention.  The light was getting low when I photographed the last one so the silo looks darker. 
This is a barn sitting at the side of a subdivision between Columbia and Mt. Pleasant, TN.  
Below is a photo taken from when I practiced in Plein Air last summer. I love the way it was built into the hillside.

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