Sunday, April 29, 2012

It Only Takes One on 11" x 14" canvas $95

I have a huge love of sunflowers.  To me they appear so majestic.  The flower head is so huge compared to the stem.  A couple of years ago I grew some huge ones and just as they opened someone helped themselves to them from the back of my yard. They didn't even leave me one.  It could have been squirrels.  Probably was a kiddo taking them to their Momma and that's ok.  I would have dried them for the birds.  Since then I don't grow them so close to my fence in the back. This afternoon I decided to paint this from a photo and a bit of my imagination on the back ground.  Those of you who paint with me won't be surprised at my inclusion of purple. 

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Carol DeMumbrum said...

Beautiful, Laine!! Love the colors!