Monday, March 26, 2012

An Afternoon in Centennial Park

Yesterday afternoon my lil' sister Kay and I packed up our paints and headed to Centennial Park in downtown Nashville. You should have seen our heads spinning as we were trying to choose where to set up. Finally we decided on the site seen in the photo below because we thought there would be less foot traffic there. We wished for little painting kits to give to the children. I'm sure with their enthusiasim they could produce amazing art. Yep~! you got it ...
we had a lot of help :-)
What we didn't project was the movement of the sun shinning directly onto our canvas. Kay had artists umbrellas but they were way back at our car so we tried to paint while truly being "blinded by the light"....hummmm that sounds like a song??? While I'm not willing to post our attempts I will show you the photo we took of what we tried to paint. I still love the view and will paint it here in my studio. We do have our canvas from yesterday with colors from the atmosphere to transfer to the studio painting.
All in all it was a gorgeous day in the park. If you can get there this week the tulips are blooming early along with lots of other floral both trees and bulbs.
Hey, I just thought of something, why don't some of you paint from this photo and send me a photo of your painting~! Now that would be fun~!

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