Saturday, March 24, 2012

Painting with the BBB's The Bold Beautiful Babes of Pulaski

Last night I went near Florence, Alabama to paint with a fabulous group of women. Two of these women had never painted anything. What they lacked in experience they brought in eagerness to succeed. I pleaded with Karen, who initiated this workshop, to let them off easy and we would paint something simpler. Nope~! Karen had her heart set on painting from a photo of these women sitting on the beach. No one could have been more surprised then me when their paintings turned out really good. You can imagine me starting by telling them it's not about how good the finished painting is, but about the experience and learning from each attempt. Well they showed me~! These women were amazing~!
I forgot to tell you that the experience was greatly enhanced by the setting. We painted behind a glass wall over looking the Tennessee River. It was the vacation home of Karen and Steve Spivey and what a home it is. I had a really hard time this morning getting out of bed because the view of the river held me captive as I looked from my bed out the window.
Thank you Karen and all of your precious friends. I look forward to returning to your
home away from home. I'm including a couple of photos of the women and their paintings. I can't believe I forgot to get photos of the river. I guess that means I have to return.

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