Monday, February 13, 2012

Star of Bethlehem Floral 18"x24" on 1&1/2" gallery wrapped canvas $300

I picked up a pot of flowers at Publix about 6 weeks ago that I don't recall having seen before. It's a bulb called Star of Bethlehem and it bloomed for weeks. It still looka really good even though it has now dried in the pot. I sent a photo to several painters and asked them to paint it for fun. Several of you did and wow are you guys good~! I first painted it in colors that were too similar in value and the urn got lost in the back ground. It doesn't really matter that they were different colors, if they are close to the same on the value scale something gets lost in the delivery. So this afternoon I repainted the back ground and I like it so much better. Hope you enjoy.

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