Friday, October 15, 2010

Me And My Shadow 16"x20" canvas

This spring my brother Carl capured his little grand daughter Hope in an awesome moment as she was amazed by her shadow.  This precious little angel visited me a few short weeks this summer and I fell in love.  Her moment just had to be painted.  I love you Hope,  Aunt Laine
I've decided I should never post a painting until I live with it a couple of weeks.  I finally noticed my little Hope looked like she had two left feet...sorry baby.  I also knew something wasn't right with her jowl line so I took it to an artist friend (Darlene Shadden) who helped me see that even though I had it proportioned liked the photo, for painting you have to realize that sometimes photos lie about the diminisions.  They often leave the person looking flat when painting.  Thanks Darlene, I love this so much more now.  I've left both for you to see the difference.

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Brandy said...

How precious. I'm sure Kristen will be thrilled.