Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hidden Places 8"x10" canvas

Shelton and I found this awesome spot while searching for a detour around a bridge that is still out from the flood we had this spring.  Somehow we ended up on a gravel/dirt road along a creek bed.  All of a sudden he slammed on the brakes so we could get out to see this awesome waterfall right by the road.  My sister Kay and I returned to it yesterday with our paints in tow.  WOW~!  it was even more awesome than I remembered~!  When we got there we had so little time before dark so we started painting as fast as we could.  I picked a spot where the waterfall was below and painted more of a landscape showing the leaves floating down the stream.  We plan to return and the next time I'd love to paint a close up of the waterfall.  A man in an art class told me once that he took a class where they had only an hour and a half to get on canvas what they saw.  It's about making a decision and going with it instead of being so concerned with every little detail.  It teaches you to make a decision and run with it. We did just that and both of us loved our results.  We were like two little girls running back and forth from each others paintings to say either "great" or I think it needs ".........."  whatever it needed.  It most always helps to have a second pair of eyes because it's easy to get caught up in what you think you're seeing and miss the composition of the painting.  Thanks Kay for making a wonderful day~!  I loved every minute.

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