Thursday, July 30, 2015

"I Washin' Daddy's Car" 36" x 20'

Chris when he first saw himself in the painting shown below.  He immediately told us it was him washing his Daddy's car.  Precious~!

  Once in a while a moment stops the clock.  For me this was just such a moment.  My little grandson Chris had grabbed the soapy rag from his Dad's bucket and declared "I wash it".  He was barely a year old and his dad Rick said it was the first time he had volunteered to do something other than eat, play, laugh, dance or whatever else little men in the making do.  When Rick showed me the picture it reminded me of the many times he and his brother Rodney had helped wash the family vehicles when they were little.

  Today only a year later Chris is tall enough to almost touch the mirror on the side of the car. How did he grow so much in only a year?  I love the way he is leaning into the car and giving it all his little arms could give.

"I Washin' Daddy's Car"

Prints will be available shortly.

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