Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Riding High With Daddy" 48" x 24" in a private collection

Often artists are asked "why do you paint?"  While I can't answer for them, for me it often happens when I see something that I long to capture so I never forget how much I loved the moment.  The above painting was such a time.  My youngest son was walking through the woods with his one year old little boy (my youngest grandchild).   The baby got tired and needed a ride.  Rick picked him up and gave him the highest view.  My daughter in law Brandy began to snap photos so I wouldn't have to rely totally from memory.  You can see above the three stages that brought the completed work.  I call it "Riding High With Daddy".

If you have a photo you would love to see painted, enlarged and hanging in your home, please contact me.  

The photo below shows a close up of the completed painting. I had posted it around Christmas when I first thought it was finished.  It always felt incomplete. After seeing it now, I now know why~!

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