Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Hope" 61" x 43" SOLD

I always wish the camera could show the texture more clearly. 

 Often I get to meet collectors who I really enjoy working with as we design a special painting for their home or office.

 Shortly after Thanksgiving I got to meet again and work with a woman who stole my heart.  When the phone rang I was thrilled to hear from her'  I remembered her being so nice as she had purchased two large paintings from me about a year ago.  She told me the story of her husband hanging them that evening when he got home. That same night he suffered a debilitating stroke that has changed both of their lives drastically.  She still works in her career by day and tends to his needs in the evenings.

 This woman's external beauty is only out shined by her kind and loving heart.  She said as she remembered that my husband had died suddenly (now almost four years ago) she felt a bond and asked if I would work with her to create a special painting to go over her garden tub. Unlike me she is very tall (I can only dream) so she sepecially wanted something with height. I went to her home to get a better feel of the style she enjoys.  As we looked through photos of paintings I had sold in the past she fell in love with one I called "Dreams" and asked if I could paint it much larger and reflect her color scheme.

What I wouldn't give if I had a video of her reaction when she first saw the finished painting.  When she said "that could be me" I knew I had accomplished my intentions.  I wanted her to be reminded how beautiful she is every time she looks at it.

 Mike Damico of "Damico Frame & Art Gallery" in Franklin not only did a beautiful frame, he also installed it for her.  Thanks Mike for a fabulous experience. He even reminded me how really short I must be when he asked me to reach a spot where one side would be hooked onto the wall.  I couldn't even reach it standing on my tiptoes.  I looked at the owner and she immediately stepped in with absolutely no effort to reach even beyond the hook. "I hope it makes God smile when I ask if in my next life could I be just a wee bit taller"? wink

This is the earlier paintings she had acquired.  They hang in the same area as her new painting. Her entire home reflects her love of art and all things beautiful. 

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