Friday, January 30, 2015

"Early Fog" 36" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I've admired techniques used in the Grisaille manor for a long time.  As I researched how to spell it I found what I had actually painted is called Brunaille.  The main difference between the two is Grisaille is using mostly grey tones and is mostly brown.  I may have to try the grey shades next.  When my daughter in law Brandy sent me a photo of Tina riding in the early morning I knew I had to try this method.  I cranked the music up and had a blast.  I have no doubt Brandy will be able to convince me with her big brown eyes why it needs to hang in their home. (it usually works on Rodney....wink) I really need to paint two paintings when painting my children and grandchildren....then just maybe I could enjoy them in my own home.  
The truth is I love that I can remind them of precious moments since those moments are where most of my favorite paintings come.

If you have a photo you would like to see in paint please contact me. 

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Carol DeMumbrum said...

Love how you painted this Laine!! It creates such a peaceful mood upon viewing. You should paint another for your home. :)