Monday, December 10, 2012

Timothy's gift

 I'm so excited to be leaving for a prison tour tomorrow with Ron Miller's awesome group of musicians.  Ron  asked that I paint an angel and tell the brief story of how the first of these paintings began.  I get to paint in 19 different prisons and leave the painting at each one for them to hang in their chapels.  Please pray not just for our safety on this "road trip" but that we leave them with the assurance that God loves them and can cover anything they may have done.  When I learned that the suicide rate is highest during this time of year (while those of us with families are celebrating) I was thrilled to do whatever I can to encourage them not to give up.  Please pray that these often forgotten men and women see something in us that gives them hope for their future.  

I will be posting updates as often as I can during this 11 day tour.  If I don't respond to you quickly, please know that we expect to be crazy busy between driving to each location as well as setting up before the performance.  

I take a bit of each of you with me since your painting with me has done much to give me the courage to think that just maybe I can be used for His purpose by painting the story I believe he has already painted on my heart.
Love to each one of you,  Laine

If you'd like to know more about this program you can go to: 

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