Saturday, August 18, 2012

Art show

I had so much fun participating in the Art Effects Show recently.  So much fun I forgot to take photos of many of the pieces that found new homes at the show.  I thought I had them stored on my computer.  Whoops~!  I had sold several pieces before I even thought to take photos of my booth. All that said I'm posting a couple of photos I did find.  

Before I post them, I want to say a special thank you to Ellen Calvin at Loblolly's on Walker street here in Columbia for helping me load my car after the show.  I was rushing to be at my grand daughter's 13th birthday party about an hour from my home.  Thanks to Ellen's help, I made it~!

I hope you notice the red dots (which stand for a sold item).  I ran out of red ones and had to use green instead.  Soooo much fun that weekend~!  I met a lot of women who also desire to paint.  Hopefully if you're in my classes, you'll get a chance to meet many of them.   You're my favorite kind of women to hang with.  Women who invite creativity into their lives and homes.

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