Thursday, August 2, 2012

Art Effects Show Reminder

While tomorrow begins the Art Effects Show here in Columbia, today is load the car day so I can set up early in the morning. (not my favorite part of being in a show)  If you've never been to this show, ya might want to make it a priority never to miss again.  It's a great time to view wonderful art as well as meet and chat with your favorite artists. (Oh, did I mention....the show is free)  Also tomorrow evening there is a reception with lots of great food.  I look forward to seeing you this weekend~!


Carol DeMumbrum said...

Laine, I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!! I am not looking forward to the set up either, but the fun after is worth it all. :) Hope we are near each other.

Laine Barley said...

Thanks Carol, I was thinking yesterday how much fun it would be to be placed beside you. I enjoyed getting to know you so much last year. See you tomorrow.