Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Remember When" 12" x 12"

This week I have been remembering how it used to snow here.  It could be my memories as a child in West Virginia that I'm confusing with being here in Tennessee.  I decided to paint my own home as if it happened yesterday.  Do you think anyone would believe me if I had posted this as being snow in Columbia?  Not lately~!  I do love the snow but only if I don't have to go to work on those days.  What I love is the memories of my sons and their friends coming in for a bowl of chili, warming themselves around the fire while their clothes, wet from snow, were in the dryer getting ready for round two of a neighborhood snowball fight or racing down the hill on their sleds.  aaaahhhhhh ... good memories
If you'd like to have a painting of your home with your own memories; I'd love to paint it for you.  A custom painting would make a great Christmas card or gift.  I can paint it and have cards designed using the painting as the front cover customizing the words inside. Contact me for more info.

I knew when I painted this I made the sidewalk more narrow at the bottom (the closest to me) of the painting.  I knew that went against everything correct in the world of painting guidelines.  I still thought I preferred it this way to bring more focus on the house.  Well, I decided I was wrong after living with it a couple of days. So I made the sidewalk a bit wider in appearance as it gets closer to the viewer.  I guess the old masters as well as new masters actually did know what they were talking about.  ;-)  Here is the newest and finished painting with it's corrected sidewalk.

This is the photo taken yesterday
The leaves all blew away~!

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