Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Covered" 24" x 18" Not For Sale

After painting several male angels over the last couple of weeks, I've decided on this one to use as a model for the upcoming prison tour.  I am so humbled at even the possibility of being used to express the love that God feels for the men and women so many of us forget.  Please remember our team in your prayers as we attempt to show them they are not only "not" forgotten, but that God can cover them with the same love He covers us.  I decided to use the "green pasture" as I mentioned in the previous painting I posted because I love the implications of it.


Carol DeMumbrum said...

Laine what an amazing ministry your angels are. They will surly brighten the prison and be a constant reminder that they are not forgotten. Love this one!

Laine Barley said...

Carol, thank you so much. Coming from you that means so much. I love getting your daily paintings. We really do need to have lunch.