Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where does our creativity come from?

 I enjoy the flowers in my garden so much that I'm always hesitant to cut them as I know it shortens their life. The more colorful ones are beginning to dry up and make room for the lime light variety to show off their beautiful lime green color that usually hang around through fall.  I decided I'd cut the early ones and dry them to use in an arrangement this winter.  As I was cutting, I was amazed at the colors I was seeing.  Even the drying leaves have the most incredible golden and rust veins running through them.  Once again I find myself reflecting on the amazing gift of God....not just in giving us such beauty but also in allowing us to both see it and be inspired to paint and create using those colors.  He could have kept all that creativity for Himself, but no...He shared...and with us.  Amazing...

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