Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plein Air Workshop in our garden

Okay you ladies know we had fun Saturday~!   I loved painting with you....it was just plain fun~!  You give me so much energy~!  I loved a note Debbie sent later telling me that she knew the colors had to be that bright because she had painted them herself.  As promised, these ladies saw amazing colors in nature.  When we are little and told that a tree is green and the sky is blue, we accept it and our brain fights us everytime we think we see other colors in those things.  We have to retrain our brain to accept that there is a multitude of colors in this beautiful home we call earth.  You ladies were amazing.  I couldn't get over your willingness to jump right in and put paint on the canvas....especially those of you who had never painted before.  I hope you're all believers now that painting is good for the soul.  To see more photos log into my facebook and you'll find lots.

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