Monday, February 7, 2011

Carnival Glass with Hydrangeas 16" x 20" oil $400. framed

Yesterday my lil' sister Kay and I painted all afternoon much to Shelton's amazement.  He couldn't understand why anyone would miss the Super Bowl.  Thank God for Kay and her availability to paint with me.  She saved me from football fate.  We found some dried flowers still on the stems in my back yard and decided to use them as our latest subject.  You'll see her influence.  (remember she's the one born with the painting talent...I just try hard to keep up.)  Hope you like it.  By the way, Shelton wasn't the only one with foot ball fever.  About 6pm we decided to go for some Mexican food only to find it was closed guessed it...for the Super Bowl.  We hit one more deserted restaurant before ending up at Applebees.  We saved the best for last and had a great meal.  Kay MADE me share a blonde brownie with extra ice cream melting on it before she'd let me go home`!

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