Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peace On The Water

For the last couple of months I have been so distracted I have made very little time to paint.  It seems everytime I would plan to pick up my brushes, something would come up  or someone would call with an offer I couldn't resist and I'd lay them back down.  I seriously began to wonder if I was not enjoying it as much as I thought I had been.  This past week I've sat and stared at the canvas.  I've heard if you just go to the type writer you will begin to write so that's what I did (only my type writer is a paint brush and canvas) and sure enough.  Oh how I love this medium~! So the moral is "if you want to paint? just get some paint on the canvas~!"  Thanks again Ms. Hazel.  I sure do love you~! What a gift you've given to me.
This is on an 8"x10" canvas and is $150. unframed.  I will be glad to have it framed for you at an additional charge.

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